Camera-ready instructions

We provide below the instructions authors need to follow to prepare the camera-ready versions of their submissions. To ensure a smooth publishing process for accepted papers and poster/demo abstracts, we kindly ask authors to carefully read and follow these instructions. Should you have any questions, please contact the DACH+ Energieinformatik 2017 Publication Chair, Liliane Ableitner.

Please note that the information reported below applies to both papers (full or research-in-progress) as well as poster and demo abstracts.

Camera-ready and early-registration deadline

The deadline for submitting the the camera-ready version of all submissions is August 14, 2017, 2 p.m. CET.  Late submissions cannot be considered and will be excluded from the conference proceedings.

Please also note that at least one author of each accepted paper or poster/demo abstract must register for the conference before uploading the camera-ready version of their submission.  You will be required to provide a proof of registration (e.g., copy of the e-mail that confirms your registration) when you will upload the camera-ready version of your manuscript.  A single registration cannot be used to cover more than one paper or poster/demo abstract.  Information about the registration process is available here.

Springer author queries

After you will have uploaded the camera-ready version of your paper or poster/demo abstract in EasyChair, the DACH+ Energieinformatik 2017 Publication Chair, Liliane Ableitner, will forward all relevant information to Springer.

Springer will then trigger a process called “Springer Author Queries”. The corresponding author of each paper or poster/demo abstract will be contacted by e-mail and required to fill-in a copyright form. The corresponding author must reply to Springer’s query within three working days. Failing to do so may cause the submission to be excluded from the conference proceedings.

Springer will contact corresponding authors between August 15 and August 18, 2017.  The corresponding author should make sure that she/he is available during this period or instruct another author or colleague to act on her/his behalf. Springer also strongly recommends that the corresponding author checks her/his SPAM folder during the August 15-18 period.

Please note that this process is entirely managed by Springer and the DACH+ Energieinformatik 2017 organizers cannot assist authors in case they experience problems (e.g., we do not know if and when Springer has sent an author query).


Preparing the camera-ready version of your submission

  1. Authors must prepare the camera-ready version of their submission using this LateX template provided by Springer.  Authors are strongly discouraged to use Word to prepare their manuscripts.  In case they do so, they must ensure that their camera-ready submission is formatted according to these templates: Word template for papers and Word template for extended abstracts.  The page limits for the different types of contributions are reported below.  Please note that these limits are strict. Contributions that fail to comply with the page limit will be excluded from the proceedings.
    1. Full research papers: Max. 10 pages content + 2 pages references
    2. Research-in-progress papers: Max. 6 pages content + 2 pages references
    3. Poster Abstracts and Demo Abstracts: Max. 2 pages (including references)
  2. Authors must submit in EasyChair (see further details about the upload procedure below) the following documents:
    1. A PDF version of the camera-ready version of their submission
    2. The source document used to generate the PDF mentioned above. This can be either a .tex or .doc/.docx file.  In this source file, all figures and tables must be placed at the very end of the document, i.e., after the main text. Springer will ensure the final appearance of the paper is the one of the PDF file uploaded by the authors but it needs the source document to be formatted as specified for the publication process to work.  Please note that all figures and tables must be formatted according to the requirements detailed by Springer and available here (menu “Author Instructions”, item “Artwork and Illustration Guidelines”).
    3. The source files of all figures (e.g., .eps or .jpg files), collected in a single archive (e.g., .zip) together with the source document (.tex or .doc/.docx file) mentioned under point 2A.
  3. For papers (both full and research-in-progress) as well as poster/demo abstracts. The first page of the paper must include the following information:
    1. Title of the paper
    2. Author names
    3. Author affiliations (incl. addresses and country)
    4. Contact details (e-mail address, telephone number) of the corresponding author. Only one corresponding author can be specified!
    5. 16-digit ORCID of authors if available
    6. Abstract (150-250 words)
    7. Keywords (4 to 6 keywords)
    8. Acknowledgements (if applicable)
  4. The title of a poster/demo abstract must start with the prefix  “Poster Abstract:” or “Demo Abstract:”. (Example: “Demo Abstract: The Coolest Demo Ever Presented.)”

Uploading the camera-ready version of your submission in EasyChair

  1. Authors must login in EasyChair using the following links
    1. For papers: Energy Informatics 2017 Papers EasyChair submission site
    2. For posters and demos:  Energy Informatics 2017 Posters and Demos EasyChair submission site
  2. On the Update Information page, authors need to confirm that they have prepared their submission according to the instructions provided above and that the corresponding author is available to answer Springer’s author queries in the period of August 15-18.
  3. On the Add files page, authors need to upload the three items specified under point 2 above — i.e.: A PDF version of their submission, the corresponding source document and the source files of all figures — along with a conference registration confirmation of one of the authors.